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Birmingham College



Famous For:

Specialists in English language training with expertise in General English, IELTS, English for Academic Purposes and English for Vocational Purposes.

International Fees:

Starting at £580

UK/EU Fees:

Starting at £500

Available For:

International Students (Non UK/EU)

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About Us

Birmingham College is an independent education establishment based in the UK with an extensive international network including China, Georgia, Kuwait, India, Kurdistan, Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon and Europe. A recent development has been the establishment of Birmingham College's own subsidiary publishing house; Imperial English UK and Imperial Press UK (registered as UK government trade marks). 

An experienced team of specialist consultants are available to design and deliver bespoke quality service to meet clients' needs in the UK and overseas, offering a varied portfolio of programmes for business and industry as well as individuals. There are courses available for professional and vocational development, teacher training and young learners, curriculum development, course design, course accreditation and international mapping, English language courses, IELTS preparation, UK academic and cultural tours to continuing professional development training for doctors, nurses, dentists, entrepreneurs, teachers, engineers etc. The College has offered masters and bachelor degree programmes in the past and has created its own MSc degree in Management, which is approved by a British University. The course organiser has over 35 years worth of experience of ELT and has taught on IELTS programmes since its introduction in 1989. He has also worked with students ranging from CEOs, doctors and nurses to teens and children from all over the world. The team at Birmingham College have been selected for their supportive approach and they are familiar with the Cambridge KET, PET, FCE and CAE examination requirements. 

The council for English Language Courses accredits Birmingham College and as a result it is also a member of Accreditation UK because the British Council is so impressed with the facilities available, management, teaching and learning and welfare. In addition to this, the College is also an approved UCAS centre, placing students at high-ranking universities in the UK.

In the UK, quality is assured by British Council accreditation for the College's English Language programmes. Internationally, the College's reputation has been established through designing and delivering programmes for Ministries of Education of Middle Eastern countries and exploring the possibilities with world organisations such as UNESCO and ILO for training. The projects include design, development or delivery of national standards for quality assurance, establishing national teaching assessment standards, training and assessing master teacher trainers for primary and secondary education and subject-specific teacher development courses over nine subjects. 

Birmingham College is the only independent college in Europe to be approved by the state administration of foreign expert affairs, Peoples Republic of China. This license is an approval for overseas organisations introducing cultural and education foreign experts for China. 



Birmingham College does not currently provide any accommodation so all international applicants must ensure that they have made arrangements in terms of their accommodation and finances before they arrive in the UK. This being said, the College is more than willing to provide information for all local accommodation providers and home stay groups. 



Regarding the fee structure at Birmingham College, all students are eligible to pay over the course of several weeks however the price of this fee varies. If you are an EU student studying the General English Language Programme for example, you will be expected to pay £500 within the first two weeks of your study, however if you are an EU and International student studying the IELTS Programme you will be expected to pay a fee of £840 within the first two weeks. Please note that the fees do not include the cost of any external examinations taken by the students. If you would like more information on the fees structure, please do not hesitate to contact us with the information provided on the contact us page. 



Birmingham College promotes learner independence and respects the voice of the learner. All students that are on a full time course have an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) and are entitled to a weekly individual tutorial. One procedure that the College has in place is that the student will have to have an English language diagnostic assessment on arrival to enable the College to be able to identify their current level, learning style and establish their aims and objectives throughout their study. The College will conduct regular progress checks and self-assessment questionnaires to ensure that the student stays focused and it will also allow the College to give the student support throughout their programme. 


Course Options

  • General English Language Programme 
    • Option 1: General English Language - 16 hours
    • Option 2: General English Language With IELTS - 21 hours
  • IELTS Programme
    • Option 3: IELTS - 16 hours (groups only)
    • Option 4: IELTS with General English Language - 21 hours (majority focus on IELTS)
    • Option 5: IELTS Preparation and One-To-One Classes (local students only)
    • Option 6: IELTS Mock Exam - 3.5 Hours (local students only)


General English Language Programmes

This programme covers the skill areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing and well as simultaneously building on grammar skills and knowledge, with a focus on pronunciation. Students who are only planning on staying for a short time can focus on their personal interests by following their ILP. This course includes an element of learner independence training and combines the General English Language with IELTS. By doing this, the College provides candidates with the chance to develop some Academic English Skills and become familiar with the skills and strategies required for the IELTS examination, which is a requirement for English language level for UK University admissions.


IELTS Preparation and Programme

In order to support local students who intend to take IELTS at local test centres, we allow candidates to attend one-to-one class in preparation for their test - students may attend as few or as many as they need. For one-to-one IELTS classes it is charged at £40 an hour and bookings must be made in advance. In IELTS there is no 'pass' or 'fail' - students can work towards their own individual targets and everyone is welcome to participate in and benefit from the IELTS workshops. The IELTS programme is designed for students developing examination skills and strategies whilst at the same time, expanding their vocabulary and increasing their accuracy in grammar structures. 


Course Requirements

Birmingham College is unable to accept absolute beginners on any of the programmes. All courses available have a minimum duration of two weeks to make sure students have sufficient time to develop their skills. 


Enrolment Dates

All programmes have been designed as continuous enrolment, so students can join throughout the academic year. Registrations take place every Monday during term time.


Social Life

Birmingham is classed as the Uk's 'second city' with a wide choice of cultural, sporting and social events and activities. Some of these activities are only located a few minutes away from the College as it is situated in the heart of the city centre. There are also major tourist attractions in nearby towns and cities, which are easy to reach by local transport. At Birmingham College, they regularly inform the students of local events taking place and give the students recommendations about where to spend their free time. 


Visa Options

  • Visitors Visa (For up to 12 weeks)
  • Students Visitor Visa (For up to 6 months)
  • Extended Student Visitor Visa (for up to 11 Month)
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