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Cambridge Ruskin International College


Cambridge and Chelmsford

Famous For:

Ranked in the top 350 institutions in the world

UK/EU Fees:

Starting from £3,750

Available For:

International, UK and EU Students

International Fees:

Starting form £6,300

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About Us

CRIC is an on-campus college at Anglia Ruskin University who offers alternative entry points into Anglia Ruskin University degree courses. You can either start from:

  • Foundation: means you do a pre-degree CRIC course first but then you automatically continue onto the actual 3 year degree at the university or
  • First Year: which means you will start the actual 3 year degree with the university (as if you applied directly through UCAS) however you will have extra CRIC support classes for only the first year of the degree. After the first year is over you only continue with the university classes.

CRIC courses are combined with degrees at Anglia Ruskin University which means when you start your course you are 100% accepted onto the universities degree. All students are Anglia Ruskin University students, regardless of how they started their degree course, and all CRIC starters are given an ID from the first day they enrol. This means you will have access to all the same facilities as the direct UCAS applicants and there will be nothing that can tell you apart. As a student of Cambridge Ruskin International College at either their Cambridge or Chelmsford campus, you will receive a student ID on your first day and will have access to all of the same facilities as the other 35,000 students from 177 different countries who study at Anglia Ruskin University. The college has offices at both of the universities locations and as they are on campus, they only use the Anglia Ruskin University campus to deliver all their teaching.


Entry Requirements

Foundation - Minimum 5GCSEs with E grade or above (or equivalent)
First Year - Minimum 100 UCAS points from at least 1 A Level (or equivalent)


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