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ISL Sprachschule - German Language

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About ISL Sprachschule

ISL language center was founded in Ettlingen in 1997. Pforzheim as another new school and a school in Koblenz, which had been running for 30 years, were added later. We have an excellent reputation mainly in the area of German as a foreign language. We place a big emphasis on good quality and personal service, which we achieve with our excellent teachers who are all native speakers and our competent and friendly office staff.

At ISL you find a competent partner for:
• Pathway into German university including Foundation Year
• Intensive German classes
• Crash Courses for all languages
• University Placement Program
• Full Immersion
• Executive Program
• In House Company Training
• Translations
• International Language Exams such as: TestDaF, TELC, TOEIC, University of Cambridge
• Accommodation for international students of German

We have participants from all over the world in our German courses. Many of them have started to work or went to university after completing their course. Visit us in the surroundings of the scenic Middle Rhine Area which has been awarded UNESCO World Cultural Heritage and we will help you learn your language of choice.


Studying at ISL

  • Super intensive university preparatory German courses / 30 hours per week
  • Maximum 12 students in super intensive course
  • University consulting service
  • Telc and TestDaF exam center
  • Dedicated staff with many years of experience
  • Teachers are highly qualified native speakers with many years of teaching experience
  • Assistance for international students (visa extension / town hall registration)
  • Activity programs for international students
  • TestDaF preparation and Studienkolleg (foundation year) entry test preparation
  • Courses on all levels from A0 to C2, starting every 6 weeks
  • Private ISL Studienkolleg / Foundation Year


Foundation Year

The foundation courses at the ISL Studienkolleg prepare future university students, whose secondary education certificate is not equivalent to the German Abitur, for their studies at a German University. The entrance requirement is a successfully-passed B2 level (you can obtain this level at ISL Sprachschule). Once you have B2 level, there is no additional entrance exam required. At the Foundation College, students not only improve their German skills, but they also learn a range of other subjects which will be
necessary for their future university studies. The ISL Studienkolleg offers the following courses:

  • T-Course (for mathematical, scientific or technical studies in Germany)
  • M-Course (for studies in the fields of Medicine, Biology or Pharmacy)
  • W-Course (for studies in the fields of economic or social sciences)

At the end of the ISL Foundation Year, the student will sit the so-called Feststellungsprüfung (University Assessment Exam) which is
equivalent to the German Abitur. After successfully passing the FSP, the student will be allowed to study at a German University.


Activities for International Students

We offer regular activities for our international students. Sight seeing, sports, excursions to cultural places, joining festivals, participating in sports events, going to education fairs, game nights or cooking together... ISL is not just learning the language! We want the students to learn something about German culture and share their cultures with us. Integration, fun and leisure activities are very important to make sure students feel comfortable in their new environment. Getting to know the class mates and leisure facilities in and around Koblenz is part of our activity program as well as exploring the rich history of the Middle Rhine region or going on weekend trips to German cities and universities. At the same time students practice the German language as they are accompanied and supported by our teaching staff when joining activities. ISL will prove that learning is not just work, it can be fun as well!


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