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Marbella International University Centre (MIUC)


Marbella, Spain

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International Fees (UG):

Starting from €9,450

International Fees (PG):

Starting from €7,475

UK/EU Fees (UG):

Starting from €9,450

UK/EU Fees (PG):

Starting from €7,475

Available For:

All Students

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About Us

Marbella International University Centre is a global academic institution providing a new kind of learning experience based on an advanced curriculum, cutting-edge technology and a unique living environment.

Located in the heart of the Spanish port city of Marbella, MIUC is committed to the development of new generations of leaders in Business, Politics and Advertising.

We offer Bologna accredited BA and MA programmes with a strong focus on global aspects of knowledge, skills and competences tailored for the modern age. All our degree programmes are taught in English, to ensure the students’ future success in the increasingly competitive international job market.

A student-centred approach at MIUC combines small study groups with bespoke production facilities, ensuring our students are provided with the specific skill sets required to advance in today’s global world of international affairs and business. The development and implementation of practical analytical thinking is given special prominence, with students being prepared for future placements within international multicultural industries.

Combination of advanced teaching methods and cutting-edge technology in class ensures our students come out of MIUC as individuals taking responsibility, confident in making their own decisions and above all, capable of turning their dreams into reality.

Our programmes are taught by successful academics and industry professionals who divide their time between vigorous research and innovative business practice. A modern, tech-savvy approach in class is complemented by specialised workshops run by senior business leaders and influential political actors. We also offer advanced business training for mid and senior level managers to boost your performance as a leader and give you the drive, ambition and knowledge to succeed in business today.



  • Host Families
    • This is the best option for students who really want to immerse themselves in the Spanish culture and traditions.
    • We carefully select our host families and stay in contact with them throughout the student’s stay to ensure that the student will be able to enjoy a warm, caring and hospitable environment, the host families are based in residential areas of Marbella that are near leisure and sports facilities. The half board option includes breakfast and dinner whilst the full board includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. Meals can be adapted to special diet requirements and food or other allergies.
  • House or Apartment Sharing
    • House or apartment sharing is a very common option among students, allowing them to rent a single or double room and sharing the remaining common areas with other students or professionals. MIUC’s accommodation department can assist students with finding a room in shared households.
  • Marbella Inturjoven Youth Hostel
    • Marbella Inturjoven Youth Hostel is ideally placed in the heart of the old town at only a ten minute walk from the beach.
    • It is a beautiful building with an air of Andalusian architecture, it has a garden, sunny terraces with stunning panoramic views of the Mediterranean sea, a swimming pool, tennis courts, a car park as well as free Wi-Fi.  It is very near local bus routes that are very well connected, linking towns and cities across the country.
  • House or Apartment Rental
    • MIUC’s Accommodation Department works with accredited real estate agents to find properties that best match the student's budget and requirements. When renting a property in Marbella or the surrounding areas it is important to take the following into consideration:
    • The duration of a standard long term rental contract is of 11 months and most landlords require a one or two month deposit. The commission charged by the estate agent for their services will be of half a month’s rent.
    • The difficulty of finding a property significantly increases during the months prior to and during the summer season so to fully benefit from this option, it is advisable for students to inform us of their requirements as early as possible before their course begins in September or February.
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