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UCAM Sports Management University


Murcia, Spain

Famous For:

Sports Management

International Fees (UG):


International Fees (PG):

Starting from €4,940

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UK/EU Fees (PG):

Starting from €3,900

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All Students

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About Us

This is an initiative of the Catholic University San Antonio of Murcia (UCAM) to create the UCAM Sports Management University, a project, within which different Postgraduate Programs are developed to produce future professionals in the field of sport.

As a result of the great progress that has been occurring in the sports sector in the last decade, there is the growing need to train professionals in all areas. In this sense, the sports management is one of the areas of knowledge that has become more important, in their efforts to effectively and efficiently manage each of the coordinative and organizational aspects of sport.

On the other hand, research on sport and professional football have produced the figure of the trainer as well as experts in sports readaptation, which are important roles in football clubs.

At this time of progressive adaptation to the European Higher Education Area, the continuation of graduate studies for all students interested in this area of knowledge is fundamental.



UCAM Sports Management University offers a high quality education in line with the standards required at the Catholic University San Antonio of Murcia. With a highly qualified faculty and a curriculum designed to train true professionals, all those who complete their studies in UCAM Sports Management University may submit a university degree with the seal of the UCAM, a prestigious brand in the global market.

Its aim is to fulfil an essential role in the world of sports today: the formation of large professionals in technical work and management of sports clubs.

It is through academic training that qualified sports professionals can achieve better leadership in managing clubs and institutions and ensure better performance of the players.

Spain enjoys the best league in the world, according to many as well as the opinion of the International Federation of Football History and Statistics. It is therefore very important that sports entities participating in our official competitions as well as in other sports, are able to achieve management excellence provided by a qualified and trained professionals in areas such as administration, quality, research, marketing communication and sports, as well as players being in best physical condition to confront the official competition.


Mission & Vision

Throughout the 20th century, sport was increasingly professionalized. From being a fun, recreational and purely competitive activity, sports began taking steps towards professionalization. Beyond the athletes, other necessary figures were appearing whose functions were increasingly important: referees, physiotherapists, managers, trainers, agents, organizers, among others. The majority of people with these titles were in need of academic qualifications in order to perform their work. Nowadays, what nobody understands is that the trainer of an elite team does not have any formal training or that a referee of the highest level of competitions has not passed any certified tests before supervising a match.

Interestingly, in the 21st century, some principal figures that make the professionalization possible in sports teams carry out their work without any previous training established or agreed for this. Some of these principal figures include general managers, marketing directors, sports managers, technical secretaries, sports scouts... It has been proven that beyond the knowledge of a sport, its market and work experience, there are functions and acquired knowledge from certain positions that must be obtained through academic studies that are specifically focused on the function of obtaining this knowledge.

This, therefore, shines a light on the necessity for professionals, who perform their work in the world of sports, as well as for people who have chosen this new career path for the future, to have superior academic training. This type of training is offered in the UCAM Sports Management University, which reflects through all of its curricula.

UCAM Sports Management University offers maximum quality teaching in accordance with the standard requirements of the “Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia”. With a highly qualified faculty and a curriculum that is focused on training real professionals, everyone who finishes their studies at the UCAM Sports Management University will be presented with a university qualification with the official seal of UCAM, a prestigious brand in the global market.

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