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Financial Evidence for International Students


In order to obtain your Tier 4 Student Visa, you need to provide:

  1. Evidence of your finances to prove that you can afford your university course and that you will have enough money to support yourself in your day-to-day life.
  2. Bank statements that prove you have the required amount of money to support yourself.


Students from the following countries will need to check that their bank is approved by the UKVI.

  1. Cameroon, Ghana, Iran, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka


You need to have the following amount of money in your bank account:

  1. Remaining tuition balance PLUS living costs (maintenance):
  2. Outside of London - £1,015 per month
  3. London - £1,265 per month


Your bank statement should be drafted in bank letterhead and must be stamped and signed by the bank. In case, this bank statement is not issued in English, you will be required to produce official translations. Students4UK can help you with these translations, read more on our translation services page.The bank account can only be accepted if it's a personal account.

The following accounts are considered acceptable:

  1. Student’s account
  2. Parent/Guardian's account – In case you need to operate through your parent/guardian’s account, you need to furnish the following documents:
  3. Student’s birth certificate as proof of relationship
  4. Financial consent letter from account holder confirming the funds are available for the student's tuition and living expenses.


The following accounts are unacceptable:

  1. Company/business account


Moreover, the furnished financial statement must be dated within one month of the visa application date. In alignment with the 28-day rule, the required funds must be present in the account for 28 consecutive days. Although only certain types of accounts can be used as evidence, it is permissible to use multiple accounts.

Accepted accounts include:

  1. Cash funds - current and savings account
  2. Loan letter - government/academic or educational loan scheme/government sponsored Student Loan Company
  3. Official financial or government sponsorship letter


Accounts not accepted include:

  2. Bonds
  3. Overdrafts
  4. Credit Cards
  5. Pension Funds


The currency must be visible and therefore, if required you can use to convert currency.

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