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Personal Statements

The personal statement is your first impression that you will make at the admission board. The admission board expects to understand from the personal statement your particular interest in wanting to study that particular subject. You need to furnish information as to why you think you should be accepted into the course. It is recommended that you conduct a thorough research about the university to see what they look for in their students. You can take help from Student4U in this reference and we shall provide you with maximum possible support.  A personal statement provides you a chance to show off your qualities and to share any experiences you’ve had that will make you stand out. You need to ensure that your statement is clear, concise and well-articulated, and is presented in a logical flow.


Question: What should I write on my personal statement?

A Personal Statement is an excellent opportunity that you have to tell the university or college as to why you should be accepted to their course. You need to express your intent and earnest desire and it is seen that many students can find it difficult when writing their statements. This might be because of the language barrier or because many-a-times, the students are unaware as to what should comprise as a content for the personal statement. Our experts suggest that you should talk about why you’re applying, your ambitions and what interests you about the subject/ course/ program. You highlight your strengths, inclination, and aptitude which make you an ideal student for that course. You can list your skills you have, relevant subject experience and any analogous achievements from education, work or any other activities.


International Students

As an international student, you can share your interest and driving force for your inclination in pursuing studies in the UK University/College. To show you intent, preparation and adaptability you can talk about your English skills. You should also share the underpinning reason behind your idea of being an international student rather than study in your own country.


Extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities can prove to be a great way to prepare for higher education. If you do or have done any extracurricular activities before, they could be the ideal thing to write about in your personal statement. You can use this section to bring forth your personal abilities and strengths which have prepared you and made you the ideal candidate for your course. If you lack any extracurricular activity exposure, it is recommended that you start or organise a new activity before you send in your application.


Mature Students

For students applying in the capacity of a mature student, you can use the personal statement to mention and highlight any alternative entry requirements like an access course or APL. In addition, you can state the skills and knowledge that you’ve gained through your previous experiences.


Questions to ask yourself when writing your statement

  1. Why are you applying for the chosen course(s)?
  2. Why is your specific interest in the subject?
  3. What qualities/attributes/qualifications make you a suitable candidate for the course(s)?
  4. Is there any relation of your current or previous studies to the course(s) that you have chosen?
  5. Have you participated in any other activities that are relevant to your course(s)?
  6. What skill set do you have to help you with your chosen course(s)?
  7. What are your other remarkable achievements?
  8. Which attributes or skills do you have that make you unique?
  9. What jobs, placements, work experience or voluntary work have you had? Is it relevant to your desired course/program?
  10. If you know what you would like to do after you’ve finished the course how would you want to use the knowledge and experience you’ve gained?


We will proofread your statement to make sure it is well written and can be easily read.

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