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Finding it hard to decide on a travel insurance provider?

No matter where you are travel insurance provides you with a security for yourself and your belongings. It is essential that you obtain travel insurance irrespective if you are studying part of a degree or the whole thing.

In a foreign land, travel insurance will instil in you a feeling of safety, self-assurance, and wellbeing so, at Students4UK, we strongly recommend taking out insurance.  You can take out your own insurance or you can take out the International Student Policy offered by Endsleigh Insurance Services Limited. For international students planning to come to the UK to study, the Endsleigh Insurance Services provide numerous benefits for up to 12 months, which include the following:

  1. 24 hour English speaking helpline for medical emergencies
  2. Winter Sports cover that can be added to the policy on some extra charge
  3. The costs of returning home in instance of serious illness or injury
  4. Holidays and trips within preferred chosen cover area
  5. In instance of curtailment or cancellation of the opted course/program, reimbursements of irrecoverable unused course fees
  6. Option to protect against theft, loss or damage for special valuable items and any computer equipment
  7. In instance of medical emergency, covering the charge of bringing a family member to the UK to visit you
  8. Provide cover if the insured has taken ill or has had an accident and the medical costs are not covered by the National Health Service
  9. On any accidental injury, someone or damage to their property, Endsleigh Insurance Services will cover the legal liability to pay for the damages.

It is recommended that in order to safeguard large expenses of tuition and accommodation (if applicable), you should have insurance in place to protect these large expenses. Endsleigh Insurance ensures a seamless and hassles free process which is dealt quickly to prevent any inconvenience to you if you want to make a claim during your trip. You can register your claim by simply giving us a quick call on +44 161 660 4180

As soon as you start paying large sums of money for tuition and accommodation, you should have insurance in place to protect these large expenses. If you want to make a claim during your trip, Endsleigh Insurance will make the process as quick and as painless as possible, allowing you to continue your study. You will be able to register your claim by simply giving us a quick call.

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