Mature Students

If you are over 21 and didn’t do any Higher Learning after high school, you will be eligible to apply for university as a mature student.

You may be able to get into university based on your high school results and any work experience you may have from after school through accreditations. Accreditation of prior learning (APL) is essentially credit awarded for wider learning evidenced from self-directed study, work or training. Accreditation prior experiential learning (APEL) is an extension of APL that includes assessed learning gained from life and work experience.

If you don't have the required prior learning requirements, you could apply to university by doing an access course first. By doing an access course, you will gain the skills required for an undergraduate course whether that’s at university or college.
Some universities have partner colleges in which you can do a foundation course which can act as the first year of your undergraduate degree. For other courses, it will be an extra year on top of your bachelor’s degree.
We can help you research universities and help you decide which is the best course of action. Your application process will be the same as any other applicant which we will help you with.
We will send in your UCAS application and handle all correspondence with the university while keeping you updated the entire time.