Student Finance

Unless students are able to pay for university independently, they would be faced with the challenge of considering other payment methods. Students4UK can help you with the available options of either receiving money from the government or from the university.

The two main sources of funding from the Government available to students are:

A Tuition Fee Loan This is a loan of up to £9,000 per annum for you to pay your university fee. This is paid directly to the university. You will then need to repay the loan.
A Maintenance Loan This is a loan of up to £8,200 per annum and is intended to help with your living costs while you attend university, including your accommodation. Everyone is entitled to a percentage of this loan but to be eligible for the full amount, you will need to provide evidence of your household income. You will have to repay the loan.

Universities also offer their own financial support in the form of scholarships, grants and bursaries (awards). Any money offered to students that is received as a scholarship, grant or bursary does not need to be paid back. All Universities have different awards for different years and subjects. Contact us so we can see what award you may be eligible for.

If you do not receive an award and are not eligible for one and need to apply for a loan instead, we will assist you on your student finance loan, making sure the application is properly filled out and that you apply for it correctly.